23.01.2017 Last hugs, last Jetty trip, last supply coffee, last poolside chats, confusion at the airport, deep travel chats, a vague plane journey, the frightening reunion with the city, loud traffic, busy streets, skyscrapers, pollution, clouded skies, cement instead of sand, tarmac instead of ocean, reunions and surprise meetings with old new friends, drinks in…… Continue reading

Melbourne NGV: Viktor and Rolf

When in the city you just gotta go see some art. Fashion isn’t my forte in all fairness, I recognise it as art and love experimenting with styles but ask me about designers and I can tell you the bare minimum. Thankfully two beautifully stylish Belgian ladies have come into my life lately and under…… Continue reading Melbourne NGV: Viktor and Rolf

Melbourne: ‘Not All Art Belongs In A Gallery’

I wrote about that vibe I couldn’t fathom in my Three Days In Melbourne post. I jotted poetic lines and colourful descriptions in my journal, I catch myself bragging about the visionary revolution of Melbourne’s lanes and alleys to anyone who asks about my Australian adventures. We have street art in Newcastle, all over England really, but…… Continue reading Melbourne: ‘Not All Art Belongs In A Gallery’

Three Days in Melbourne…

Two hours in Melbourne and the vibe is surreal. It’s grungy, graffitied streets are alive with activist intention and colourful statements about love, death and life. But these same alleys feel hollow, archaic, haunted and broken at night. A lost civilisation off the streets of the modern urban landscape. There’s something sinister in the dark,…… Continue reading Three Days in Melbourne…