A surprise scrapbook I received in the post from some special humans I had to leave behind in Australia. I’m a sentimentalist so it goes without saying this is one of the best presents I’ve received. Make-up. A foreigner to my skin, which has had a very lovely year of sun kissed freedom. I like…… Continue reading

Revolver Cafe Seminyak

Down a random, albeit pretty quaint, alley in Seminyak, through a manned door, into an underground, speakeasy vibed cafe, is where you’ll find some of the best coffee I tried whilst in Bali. Revolver is the hipsteriest of the hipster and I loves it! The interior is thought out from corner to corner, with an…… Continue reading Revolver Cafe Seminyak

Cafe Organism, Darlinghurst, Sydney:

A dim, cosy lit, space with yummy coffee, curious creations and the best vegan banana bread. The crazy exterior draws you in, especially if you’re instagram inclined like moi and the interior is just as aesthetically pleasing in a hipster kinda way. I opted for a sweet potato latte made with soy milk on my…… Continue reading Cafe Organism, Darlinghurst, Sydney: