Vegan Noms: Fidel’s, Wellington

Cuba street is the heart of Wellington. One of the purest examples of why it’s constantly referred to as the ‘coolest small capital’. With heaps of thrift stores, independent boutiques and shabby chic cafe’s you could easily spend an afternoon strolling around and stumbling on new finds. Of all the cafe’s and restaurants though, Fidel’s… Continue reading Vegan Noms: Fidel’s, Wellington

Dear Wellington

Dear Wellington, It's been eighty four days since I landed here. Eighty four days of floating around a winter dead city, drenched in rain and always occupied by a furious gale. I kill time on the same street, just one central road of many, I practically live there until I actually do. Cuba street is… Continue reading Dear Wellington

Visuals: Auckland

  I only had a couple days in Auckland and only one of sunshine so my portfolio isn't exactly impressive. You can read about my full city adventure Here but I wanted to include a couple snaps anyhow. Especially of the Domain Winter Gardens because they were free to visit and stunningly beautiful, a completely unexpected discovery… Continue reading Visuals: Auckland